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Reminder to any resident wishing to attend OMB Hearing that begins March 17th

March 13, 2014 at 10:35 am

The OMB Hearing is now upon us.  Starting on Monday (March 17) we will be engaged beginning with our Principle of Development argument against Marianneville Developments to protect our community from unnecessary development.

We are ready and our arguments are strong

If you wish to attend any part of the Hearing, you are welcome to.  As the Town’s solicitor noted, this is the equivalent of a court case with full legal decorum required in the room, so please note that we’ll all have to be on our best behaviour.

 Visit our Events for details:  http://preserveglenway.ca/?ai1ec_event=omb-hearing-on-glenway-starts&instance_id=

We will update you as soon as any key events occur.

To have success at the OMB hearing we need your financial support!

March 8, 2014 at 2:30 pm

GPA Mar 4th Meeting

Thanks to everyone inside Glenway and the rest of Newmarket that have given their support to preserve Glenway’s community value and protect our Town’s limited precious green space.


Resident efforts help defend Newmarket’s Official Plan to better control development decisions in our communities.

 The opening video from our March 7th meeting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VueLGkRG-O4 

How your donations have already helped:

  • Provided the Town with a strong planning argument – resulting in a 9-0 vote against the development applications
  • Helped structure the OMB Hearing into 2 phases where the principle of development will be front and center as Phase 1
  • Created a plan of action for the OMB Hearing process that begins March 17th
  • Helped the Town secure their planner who will support and expand our argument during the Hearing process


What you heard from our latest community update meeting:

  • We have a great chance to win on the Principle of Development argument (do we need to build or not?)
  • This returns control of development back to the Town for decision making based on Newmarket’s Official Plan and review process
  • If the OMB wants to proceed directly to Phase 2 before a decision can be reached we can still apply the argument of the principle of development to each technical issue raised


How do we see this playing out and the investment required:

  • Witness statement and hearing preparation:  12 hours planning/10 hours legal
  • Phase 1 will be up to 2 weeks, or approximately $ 20,000 per full week
  • Phase 2 is scheduled a further 4 weeks however we will limit or eliminate our paid representation for that part of the hearing
  • To satisfy our needs as a community at the OMB we need another $26,000 (now less than $20,000 based on the last few days)


What we need from you as soon as possible:

1.    Buy an hour of Planner’s time with a donation of $200
2.    Buy a ½ hour of Lawyer’s time with a donation of $150
3.    Buy a 1/2 hour or 1/4 hour Planner’s time with a donation of $100 or $50 respectively


Email us at contact@preserveglenway.ca and we will come by to pick up your cheque
or  donate on-line at DONATE NOW


We have a track record for success now.      We are so close!  

Let’s make this happen together!

Council wants to control intensification – is this an election issue?

February 20, 2014 at 9:01 pm

 In the February 5th edition of “novae res urbis” Regional Councillor John Taylor and Mayor Tony Van Bynen discuss the desire for intensification and the realities of buildings as high as 30 stories in Newmarket. 

Newmarket staff is recommending heights of  20 storeys right away along Yonge-Davis while Councillor Taylor and Mayor Van Bynen don’t believe Newmarket is ready for this density and even if there is a market for higher density buildings of this magnitude.

One of the goals of the Secondary Growth Plan the Town is pursuing for approval in May is how much and where intensification is desired to accommodate the 50% growth projected for Newmarket by 2051 and the mass transit plans of the Ontario government is extending throughout the GTA.

Intensification is a very important aspect that requires following by residents if we want to achieve the potential for Newmarket given the constraints of available land and future mass transit plans.  This speaks directly to how the Town needs to work with Developers versus being told by Developers how things will be!

 An election issue???

Read the full article by clicking – “NRU Feb 5 2014

Please mark your calendars to attend this important March 4th Community Meeting

February 20, 2014 at 8:31 pm

GPA Mar 4th Meeting

 We expect everyone to come on out for the March 4th Community Meeting (CLICK HERE). 

We want you to know what is happening, 

 We want to hear from you any thoughts as we enter the OMB Hearing. 

 Read what Chris Emanuel has to say:  http://chrisemanuel.com/blog/2014/2/20/glenway-update.html

OMB will listen to debate on whether there needs to be any development!

December 13, 2013 at 7:58 pm

We met our objective for the OMB Hearing now pushed back to March 17, 2014.   OMB adjudicator, Mr. Chee-Hing ruled that the he will break the overall hearing into two distinct parts. 

The first part being the “the principle of development” arguement brought forth by the Glenway Preservation Association that was confirmed by a 9-0 vote by local Town Council on October 25th.

The second part is the technical issues around the development proposal which was rejected as well by the Town of Newmarket following the Town’s planning report sighting an abundance of technical issues with both the original proposal and settlement offers.

We will be spending the next several months preparing our case against this non-conforming and unnecessaryinconsistent development application proposal.  Development for the sake of development is a poor reason for unplanned housing.  There is still no answer from the developer to the very simple queston of WHY?



For more on the happenings at the pre-hearing please read:

Gordon Prentice’s eloquant writings – http://shrinkslessorsquare.ca/blog/130-glenway-and-the-omb

Chris Emaunel’s blog – http://chrisemanuel.com/blog/2013/12/11/december-10th-omb-hearing-update.html

Town Council votes a unanimous NO to Glenway development

November 26, 2013 at 1:38 pm

It was a nervous evening for us all and vindication of our consistent challenge to the Town of “WHY is this development necessary?”   It was an evening where we hoped to see a turning point for how the Municipality would defend our Official Plan and their vision for healthy and appropriate growth and development in this community.  At the end of the evening I am proud to say Town Council voted 9 – 0 to oppose Marianneville’s submissions for development of the Glenway lands.

It was a satisfying win for residents of Glenway and Newmarket residents as a whole.  While the Planner hired by the Town focussed on technical requirements of the Developer’s application proposal and Settlement offers, she downplayed the foundational concept of the ‘principle of development’.  This is the WHY, the rationale that needed to be answered before drilling into the technical details of any development proposal.  The principle of development speaks directly to our vision of Newmarket and the extensive planning efforts that are the Official Plan and the Secondary Growth Plan.  It is clear that the development proposal offered by Marianneville doesn’t fit the Town’s planning vision and objectives.  It serves no purpose that is positive for the Town, its residents and the health of the Glenway community.

Following an excellent deputation from Dave Sovran of the GPA there were more than a dozen residents from inside Glenway and several from outside of Glenway who passionately supported both the protection of the character and nature of our existing neighbourhood from unnecessary development as well as the value of the principle of development in how the Town supports a vision for Newmarket.  Residents of Newmarket should be proud of the growing unity they continue to demonstrate in supporting all neighbourhood communities throughout Newmarket.

Prior to the Town Council vote there was a strong opening motion made by our Ward Councillor, Chris Emanuel asking Council to oppose development followed by Regional Councillor John Taylor who showed leadership in his words to the rest of Council.   It was clear that residents of Newmarket feel as we do in Glenway and this was demonstrated by the “hundreds of emails from residents” received by Ward 3 Councillor, Jane Twinney.

Today begins our continuing work with the Town of Newmarket to fight and win at the OMB Hearing scheduled for next March.  More than ever we will be relying on legal and planning expertise that has proved invaluable in creation and support of “the Principle of Development”.

We encourage all of you to please speak to your neighbours, friends and residents throughout Newmarket to support us with your emails, your presence at upcoming meetings and your financial donations.  This will help to ensure we can move together strongly at the OMB.

There are some good reviews of the evening below and I encourage you to read them. 

Read more from Chris Emanuel including his speech from last night:

Read more from Julia Li at yorkregion.com:

Read more from an eloquent Newmarket resident, Gordon Prentice who lives outside of our ward:

The Whole 9 Yards Congratulations Newmarket! Congratulations Town Council!

November 26, 2013 at 9:43 am

9 of 9 Voted at last nights council meeting to take the fight to the OMB. They unanimously passed Councillor Chris Emanuel’s motion to contest the application on the principal that it does not fit in with the official plan and in fact strongly disrupts it.

Thank you to all the Councillors who spoke out for Newmarket including regional councillor Jonathan Taylor, Jane Twinney, a long time supporter, Dave Kerwin, Mayor Tony Van Bynen and all the council.

Thank you to the 600 or so residents who attended and to all those who spoke, emailed, etc….

Congratulations NEWMARKET


The most important meeting you will ever attend – Monday 7pm Newmarket Theatre

November 24, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Reminder:  Town Council Vote – Glenway Application

This is the time to voice your concerns to the Town’s Planning department and support our opposition to the application to re-develop Glenway!

We have seen many well written passionate letters (even subsequent follow-ups based on changing information which is excellent).  You have made a difference!  Continue to be that difference!

  • Bring yourself and your neighbours!  We had over 600 strong last time.
  • Bring your signed letter of concerns!  – or email it to clerks@newmarket.ca

Remember you can have up to 5 minutes to read/present your specific concerns.  Read your letter!

Date:       MONDAY NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Location:  Newmarket Theatre (505 Pickering Cres) adjacent to Newmarket High School

Time:       7:00PM

Your attendance is a strong message.      Bring your neighbours!

Gingerbread House Gala – Awesome Evening!

November 24, 2013 at 3:56 pm

GPA Planner Report as part of In-Camera Presentation to Town Council

November 10, 2013 at 7:58 pm

On Monday, Nov. 4, Executive from the Glenway Preservation Association attended an in-camera session with Council and Staff, in order that our Planner, Nick McDonald present to them his detailed planning report on our behalf.  He also presented a critique of the Staff report which outlines our disappointment with the approach taken in the report by the Town’s planning consultant, a report which, in spite of our repeated requests, did not includei an analysis about why the Glenway lands need to be developed and why this development proposal fits within the Official Plan and the Town’s Secondary Growth Plan.   The Council had many questions for Nick and after we left, engaged in further discussion on what we proposed.  On November 25, they will be voting how to proceed.

 Our objective is to ensure that the Town demonstrates leadership on this issue and takes a clear stand to oppose the Marianneville application based on its failing to meet the principle of development.  To date, the Town has taken no stand and finds itself in a weak position until it does so.

Nick's reportIf the Town agrees with adopting the ‘principle of development’ approach, then both the Town and the Community will be united before the OMB making an even stronger argument in favour of declaring this application premature, and in changing the land-use planning around Glenway to a process which is led by the Town within the Official Plan process.

If the Town votes to mediate or negotiate an agreement, or to simply fight the application on technical grounds, we will see the developer run roughshod over the Council and negatively alter the face of the Glenway community forever. 

To help you better understand the details of the approach which we outlined in our last community meeting, we have uploaded a copy of the full report for you all to review.

Meridian ltr on Marianneville Oct 30 13(FINAL)nm