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We are not alone in this fight:

The Toronto Star published a story on May 8th regarding the OMB fight that other municipalities have had.

“In February, with Matlow and Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam leading the charge, council voted 34–5 to ask the province to quash the OMB’s planning power over Toronto.Though only Queen’s Park can make that decision, Toronto isn’t the only body agitating for a change. Mississauga already voted to dismantle the OMB last year, one Markham councillor wants the same, and Wong-Tam says she’s heard rumblings from Hamilton and Ottawa.”

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Glenway residents seek funds for OMB fight

by Teresa Latchford published on Nov 9, 2012 on

The Glenway Preservation Association says it needs $150,000 to defend neighbourhood greenspace.  The association hosted an information session Thursday at Crosslands Church to talk about its strategy if the case to build 750 homes on the former golf course and designated greenspace, goes to the Ontario Municipal Board.

About 300 Glenway and area residents filled the seats, the majority of whom showed interest in donating $250 or more to the cause. “This is the magic number tonight,” association president Ron Kassies said, noting the group has great volunteers, but needs expertise at the OMB level.

Funds will be needed to retain legal and planning expertise to help the association prepare for the possibility of an OMB hearing and speak the language if it comes down to a pre-hearing and hearing that pits the town and association against the developer, Marianneville Developments.

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Developer Didn’t Listen: Glenway Resident

by Teresa Latchford published on April 26, 2012 on

The Town of Newmarket has received an official application to develop the Glenway lands and while the specifics of the application haven’t been released, Groundswell Urban Planners’ Brad Rogers has confirmed there have been no changes from what was originally unveiled to residents during the first of many public input sessions.

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Developers plan to turn Newmarket golf course into subdivision

by Teresa Latchford published on April 23, 2012 on

Despite numerous public consultation sessions, there has been just one change to the original Glenway development proposal — four houses were added. That amounts to a slap in the face to one Newmarket resident. “What most Glenway residents expected from this developer has now occurred,” Glenway Preservation Association member James McLarnon said….

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