GPA Planner Report as part of In-Camera Presentation to Town Council

November 10, 2013 at 7:58 pm

On Monday, Nov. 4, Executive from the Glenway Preservation Association attended an in-camera session with Council and Staff, in order that our Planner, Nick McDonald present to them his detailed planning report on our behalf.  He also presented a critique of the Staff report which outlines our disappointment with the approach taken in the report by the Town’s planning consultant, a report which, in spite of our repeated requests, did not includei an analysis about why the Glenway lands need to be developed and why this development proposal fits within the Official Plan and the Town’s Secondary Growth Plan.   The Council had many questions for Nick and after we left, engaged in further discussion on what we proposed.  On November 25, they will be voting how to proceed.

 Our objective is to ensure that the Town demonstrates leadership on this issue and takes a clear stand to oppose the Marianneville application based on its failing to meet the principle of development.  To date, the Town has taken no stand and finds itself in a weak position until it does so.

Nick's reportIf the Town agrees with adopting the ‘principle of development’ approach, then both the Town and the Community will be united before the OMB making an even stronger argument in favour of declaring this application premature, and in changing the land-use planning around Glenway to a process which is led by the Town within the Official Plan process.

If the Town votes to mediate or negotiate an agreement, or to simply fight the application on technical grounds, we will see the developer run roughshod over the Council and negatively alter the face of the Glenway community forever. 

To help you better understand the details of the approach which we outlined in our last community meeting, we have uploaded a copy of the full report for you all to review.

Meridian ltr on Marianneville Oct 30 13(FINAL)nm