Still waiting for Town on action plan based on Lesson’s Learned!

July 24, 2015 at 10:24 am

A number of residents, Town officials and Marianneville representatives attended the Lesson’s Learned workshop style meeting on June 23rd.  It was nice to see former Ward 7 Councillor, Chris Emanuel attend and contribute several thoughts.  The same can be said for members of the GPA and Gordon Prentice of Shrink Slessor Square fame  (click here for his specific comments).  It was also appreciated to see most of Town Council attend and many senior people from Town Staff including the increasingly reddened face of Richard Nethery who had been AWOL for much of the Glenway OMB Hearing process.

While everyone had an opportunity to provide suggestions based on “What if we had an opportunity to roll-back the clock…” we don’t yet know when the Town will act to either:

  • Publish the report and action plan  –  OR –
  • Discuss the report in a public Town Council meeting and possible actions before formalizing them

What we do know is that the Town appointed Facilitator, Glenn Pothier has given his finding to the Town and the Town has accepted them with no changes requested.  The earliest we could see the Town “officially receive and accepted/approved the findings would be in August, but more then likely in September.

While there are many points to remember that the Town should address one major Lesson Learned should be “better communications”.   This comes in the form of specfic direction, regular reporting (issues management) and the timeliness and detail to questions asked.

  • Between Town Council and Staff
  • Between Town Council and Residents
  • Between Developers and Town Staff

It seems all parties wanted better claity and timliness of needed answers to support better decision making.  Let’s see what actually happens in September – the most likely time for Lesson’s Learned actions to be announced by the Town Council.