Council wants to control intensification – is this an election issue?

February 20, 2014 at 9:01 pm

 In the February 5th edition of “novae res urbis” Regional Councillor John Taylor and Mayor Tony Van Bynen discuss the desire for intensification and the realities of buildings as high as 30 stories in Newmarket. 

Newmarket staff is recommending heights of  20 storeys right away along Yonge-Davis while Councillor Taylor and Mayor Van Bynen don’t believe Newmarket is ready for this density and even if there is a market for higher density buildings of this magnitude.

One of the goals of the Secondary Growth Plan the Town is pursuing for approval in May is how much and where intensification is desired to accommodate the 50% growth projected for Newmarket by 2051 and the mass transit plans of the Ontario government is extending throughout the GTA.

Intensification is a very important aspect that requires following by residents if we want to achieve the potential for Newmarket given the constraints of available land and future mass transit plans.  This speaks directly to how the Town needs to work with Developers versus being told by Developers how things will be!

 An election issue???

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Please mark your calendars to attend this important March 4th Community Meeting

February 20, 2014 at 8:31 pm

GPA Mar 4th Meeting

 We expect everyone to come on out for the March 4th Community Meeting (CLICK HERE). 

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 We want to hear from you any thoughts as we enter the OMB Hearing. 

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