OMB will listen to debate on whether there needs to be any development!

December 13, 2013 at 7:58 pm

We met our objective for the OMB Hearing now pushed back to March 17, 2014.   OMB adjudicator, Mr. Chee-Hing ruled that the he will break the overall hearing into two distinct parts. 

The first part being the “the principle of development” arguement brought forth by the Glenway Preservation Association that was confirmed by a 9-0 vote by local Town Council on October 25th.

The second part is the technical issues around the development proposal which was rejected as well by the Town of Newmarket following the Town’s planning report sighting an abundance of technical issues with both the original proposal and settlement offers.

We will be spending the next several months preparing our case against this non-conforming and unnecessaryinconsistent development application proposal.  Development for the sake of development is a poor reason for unplanned housing.  There is still no answer from the developer to the very simple queston of WHY?



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