What Newmarket residents are saying about the Settlement Offer

August 31, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Our Ward 7 Councillor, Chris Emanuel, has posted on his Blog (http://chrisemanuel.com/blog) the Settlement Offer made by Marianneville Developments to the Town of Newmarket

Councillor Emanuel does a good job of providing a “simplified description” of the “Settlement Offer” but stops there.  No comment is made as Newmarket’s Planning Staff is “still in the process” of reviewing the original (May 22, 2012) proposal and subsequent details at this point and need to understand the net differenece in this offer. 

There are some obvious consequences and liabilities that face ALL residents in Newmarket if accepted as is.  We are making our own initial statement in a separate post and email blast to our residents so please look for this. 

From Gordon Prentice – Shrink Slessor Square

Glenway Settlement Offer


Created on Thursday, 29 August 2013 12:56
Written by Gordon Prentice

Mariannville Developments, the swashbuckling outfit that wants to build 730 dwellings on the fairways and putting greens of the former Glenway golf course, has published its “settlement offer”.

It is as toxic as a dose of anthrax and should be rejected.

Councillors should throw everything they’ve got, and more, into the marathon 8 week long OMB hearing scheduled for March 2014.

The settlement offer set out in the letter from Mariannville’s lawyer, Ira Kagan, could hardly be more disdainful or imperious in tone. (Ward 7 councillor, Chris Emanuel, who represents the Glenway neighbourhood, helpfully posts the details on his website.)

The blustering showman, Ira Kagan, who wants us to believe he has the whip hand, requires the Town to somersault at his command.

He insists Town staff present a report to councillors by November 2013 containing “recommendations” on whether or not to accept or reject the offer. A report without recommendations is not acceptable.

He stipulates that the Town must allocate sanitary sewer and water capacity for 730 units “forthwith” after approving this settlement.

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A few more Public Responses posted to “Preserve Glenway” on Facebook 

The Glenway Preservation Association has been inindated with reposnses to our website email and Facebook site.  A growing number of Newmarket residents have posted the duplicate on our Facebook page.  I am certain you will enjoy hearing from your neighbours living inside Glenway and one of the number of residents not living in Glenway that share our concerns on preserving open green space, defending our Town’s Official Plan as the vision and growth plan for Newmarket and protecting our taxpayer dollars on contrary and costly development that satisfies only Develoer’s interests.

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The GPA’s view of recent Settlement Offer to Town for the Glenway property

August 31, 2013 at 10:46 am

First, thanks to the many who went out of your way to both review and then submit some very pointed and specific comments to the entire Town Council outlining your objections to the latest settlement offer proposed by Marianneville Developments.  Also, an overwhelming number of residents have commented to us individually that after reviewing the offer they were not fooled at all by the negative impact this would cause to our community and to the Town.

As we realize that many of you are seeking an official response from the GPA to this offer, we have prepared one which will form the foundation of any discussion with both the Town and any media that might want to discuss this with us.  Our basic response is as follows:

‘Prior to receiving comments on their proposal currently before the Town of Newmarket and the OMB, Marianneville Developments has made public a ‘without prejudice’ settlement offer to the Town and also made it available to the Glenway community for our review and consideration.  On behalf of the community, the Glenway Preservation Association remains completely opposed to both development proposals that this company has made.  Neither of the two versions in any way supports the need and appropriateness to develop this property and go against the existing Town plan.   In fact, the latter ‘offer’ raises even more questions (and costs to the Town) than the first proposal which is still currently under review. 
We also encourage, in the strongest terms, that our Council’s  voices strongly oppose this.   At the same time, we (residents of Newmarket, our Town Council, the staff and planners) must continue to work on the vision of Newmarket’s secondary growth plan and ensure that it include  a vision of what our open green space could represent for the Newmarket of 2026 and beyond.
There are many issues buried within this latest offer but the bottom line remains the same as always:

Neither proposal addresses in any way why the Newmarket Official Plan and the planned secondary growth for Newmarket should be amended to accommodate a complex infill project imposed on a stable residential neighbourhood with zoned open green space, which we see serving a pivotal role in the vision of Newmarket’s growth plan.

We count on the support of all Glenway residents,  the people of Newmarket, and especially, those elected and employed by them, our Town Council,  to refuse to accept these development proposals which defy our Town’s Official Plan and fail to address the vision of the future of what these lands should represent to our future community.’

          Glenway Preservation Association Executive

Era Banner on “Settlement Offer” – comments are interesting read!

August 30, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Glenway developer proposes smaller buildings

by Julie Le published on August 26, 2013 on YorkRegion.com

A settlement offer has been sent to the Town of Newmarket over the Glenway development proposal.

Marianneville Developments Limited made the offer public with 13 listed revisions and conditions to try to avoid a potentially costly and lengthy fight at the Ontario Municipal Board.

Changes to the plans include limiting some building heights, having landscaping buffers and revising the mix of dwelling units to 184 single-detached homes, 219 townhouses, 297 apartments and 30 detached bungalows.

In other words – a shuffling of the deck to benefit the Developer’s pocket book

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Glenway developer offers Newmarket olive branch

by ERA Banner published on August 29, 2013 on YorkRegion.com

A settlement offer from developers of the Glenway proposal doesn’t go far enough, one citizen group that’s against the development said after reviewing the list of 13 revisions and conditions made in an effort to avoid a potentially costly and lengthy fight at the Ontario Municipal Board.

“It’s just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic,” Glenway Preservation Association vice-president Dave Sovran said, noting residents expected as much, but the anger that has been boiling over since the offer was made public has given them more reason to forge ahead in their fight against the development.

The offer still contradicts the official plan and doesn’t offer much in terms of compromise, he added.

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A big, resounding “good work” to all those attending the OMB hearing today – August 7th

August 7, 2013 at 5:39 pm

It was heartwarming to find out that the meeting this morning had to be moved because so many attended.  Way to go Newmarket!

Here is a link to our councillor; Chris Emanuel’s update on the meeting today:

update on OMB

We are now very much engaged in this battle for our community and we are looking for everyone to get behind your GPA and show your support.  Attend meetings, write your councillors, mayor and every councillor in the town, your MPP and your Premier!  Donate to the cause what you can – we need legal help!   Post a lawn sign – volunteer – like our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/PreserveGlenway  and comment –

Lets make it happen –


Mayor Tony Van Bynen – mayor@newmarket.ca

Regional Councillor John Taylor – jtaylor@newmarket.ca

Councillor Tom Vegh – tvegh@newmarket.ca

Councillor Dave Kerwin – dkerwin@newmarket.ca

Councillor Jane Twinney – jtwinney@newmarket.ca

Councillor Tom Hempen – thempen@newmarket.ca

Councillor Joe Sponga – jsponga@newmarket.ca

Councillor Maddie DiMuccio – mdimuccio@newmarket.ca

Councillor Chris Emanuel – cemanuel@newmarket.ca

Clerks Department – clerks@newmarket.ca

MPP – Frank Klees  fklees@frank-klees.on.ca

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing,   Linda Jeffrey   – ljeffrey.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org