We are coming to your door with a Lawn Sign! – August 7th OMB hearing at town offices and What Losing Lifestyle Value Really Means

July 19, 2013 at 10:47 am

We are coming to your door with a Lawn Sign!

lawn sign

Join other Glenway residents in the lawn sign distribution campaign starting in July and extending into August.  Dates and times TBD.

Email Deb Pope at gpafundraising@hotmail.com if you are interested in details and want to participate.
Just let us know with an email to contact@preserveglenway.ca and we will get one to you promptly.      Everyone who wants to show their support will receive a lawn sign.  There is no cost, but we are asking for a donation to support our legal defence fund.

What losing lifestyle value really means – a new Glenway Resident’s experience!

We just moved in to this beautiful neighbourhood and still unpacking.  We came from Tehran, once a stunning green and garden-full city laying in the down skirts of towering Alborz Mountains.  Eventually, the gardens vanished and were replaced by steels and bricks.  Lovely large houses with gorgeous gardens with old plane trees and fruit trees were demolished and destructed and instead, 4-5 story apartment buildings were constructed to settle new residents, more cars, less blue sky.  Now Tehran is well known for its pollution, a city that my family were banned to live in due to serious health issues.

What happened there was simple to identify: mismanagement by officials and abuse by constructors.  I would never want to believe what happened in the past 70 years in a developing country (yet to be developed) would ever happen now, here in Canada.

Please send us a lawn sign to show our sympathy with the rest of our neighbours.


Fairway Gardens.
ed. note:   All around town I see signs that say Newmarket was voted into the top 10 Canadian places to live.  Newmarket has always prided itself on its greenspace (a key factor in determining livability of a city) and has always counted Glenway Golf Course as part of that green space and recreational land.    This developer is taking away beauty, charm, livability and recreation from all Newmarket residents.




Reminder:  OMB pre hearing at town offices on August 7th!   set that aside and plan to attend

also:  fundraiser and golf day: August 17th, all proceeds going towards keeping Glenway green!


An appeal to everyone

July 19, 2013 at 10:42 am

 Dear Supporter,

 The Glenway Preservation Association, a non-profit organization, was organized by residents of Newmarket’s Glenway community to preserve and protect the Glenway golf course lands as green space.  We believe that the current proposal by Marianneville Developments to build 730 homes on this land is a major threat to the fabric of our neighbourhood, and to the Town of Newmarket.

We are committed to preserving our community and the integrity of Newmarket’s Official Plan, which has long designated this land as open green space for recreational purposes. An unprecedented 640 residents attended a Town meeting this past year to make it very clear to our elected officials, that there is significant opposition to this development proposal. Contrary to the developer’s claim, this development is not needed for the Town of Newmarket to meet its obligations under provincial legislation or otherwise. Further, by paving over this land and building houses on it destroys the last remaining open green space available in Newmarket—a town that is already underserved with green space for its growing population.

We recognize that our group has a tremendous challenge ahead of us, to fight against the well-resourced developer and protect the Glenway lands. Marrianneville has taken this  to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) for a decision and our success will require expert representation in the OMB process.

Glenway Logo V1R

We need your support to reach our goal of raising a minimum of $150,000.00—our estimated cost to  fight at the OMB.  Your cheque or donation of a product, gift certificate, or a gift in kind of $100.00 or more  is of immense benefit, and will be a positive recognition of your support for our local community. We will provide you with recognition of your donation on our website, Facebook page and at the fundraising events we are planning.

Please help preserve the Glenway open green space for our current and future generations of Newmarket residents.

 Please find below the details of our 2013 fundraising calendar: 

  • August 17, 2013: Golf Tournament at Carrying Place, with raffle, and dinner
  • November 15th 2013: Dinner /Dance with silent auction, live auction and raffle


We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance,



 Christina Bisanz


Glenway Preservation Association


For more information contact: gpafundraising@hotmail.com

August 7th: OMB Pre-hearing! It is happening now! It is time to get involved! The next 60 days are crucial to your neighbourhood!

July 10, 2013 at 10:12 pm

OMB Pre-hearing August 7th

Everyone in Glenway should have received a mail package from the OMB in the past few days.

As detailed from our information sessions May 13th this is the first step in the OMB process to hear the appeal made by Marianneville Developments on the Glenway proposal.

This first session is expected to be a review of the appeal, parties or participants who have been identified to take part in the hearing process, possible key issues from both sides and suggested next steps.  It is expected that there could be a second Pre-hearing this year and the actual OMB Hearing would take place in 2014.

The GPA is planning to seek party status that will allow us to present our case, call witnesses and cross-examine witnesses called by other parties.  We know many of you have sent letters to our town council opposing the development proposal.  This is excellent and these will be read into the record prior to the Town Council vote this fall.  If you feel you have any evidence you wish to share opposing this development let us know.  We will be presenting why this development proposal has no merit from several aspects but we would value specific issues regarding traffic, schooling, health & safety, environmental or lifestyle values you feel are at risk we want you to share this in writing along with how to contact you.   This can be sent directly to contact@preserveglenway.ca.

For those of you coming out to meetings, fund raising events and supporting fellow residents with your letters of support and donations for our legal defence fund – we thank you!

We really need those of you undecided to:

  • Come out to meetings and ask questions.  You may have concerns that help our case.
  • Engage one of the GPA executive with your questions or how you can volunteer your time and skills.  This is not our full time job and we need greater community support to present our case.
  • Sign up for a FREE lawn sign to show your support.  We would value any donation.
  • Sign-up to the Golf or Gala fund/friend-raising events.
  • Speak with your neighbours.  It’s surprising, but some residents don’t know what is going on or say it doesn’t affect them.  It affects all of us.  Encourage everyone to get more informed.  It’s easy, go to our Website/Facebook and sign up to receive our email blasts.
  • We know you may not always be able to participate in the community meetings or events we have planned.  We still expect and value your financial donation to support your neighbourhood.

This is your neighbourhood.  Get involved!

GPA Golf Tournament Date changed to September 28th

July 10, 2013 at 9:55 pm

be sure to set aside August 17th for a day of fun with friends and our community fund raiser

Please join your neighbours and friends for a great day of golf on September 28th.  Registration deadline September 13th.

Click here for more info:

Click here for the registration forms:




And a Great Night was had by all!

July 10, 2013 at 9:45 pm

Is there anything more to say than these pictures already convey!  Great music, Great company.  A lot of fun meeting and chatting up old friends and neighbours, dancing and just having a great time!

Councillor Chris Emanuel and our regional rep Jonathan Taylor were there and thank you for the support.  Jane Twinney sent regrets –  a conflict with her son’s team.

Thanks especially to the Good Brothers for the donation of their time and talent, to make the evening happen.  

And finally, thanks to Deb, Lois, Gord and Lynn, the fundraising committee that made it happen. Good Brothers4IMG-20130621-00352 IMG-20130621-00354

Good Brothers1IMG-20130621-00348 Good Brothers2IMG_00000135IMG-20130621-00351 IMG-20130621-00355 IMG_00000131 IMG_00000133 IMG_00000134