Yorkregion.com can be wrong on so many levels…

October 31, 2012 at 5:04 pm

This month, Yorkregion.com published an opinion piece on development which essentially gives you and me the following advice:  ”deal with it – live with it”  because  ”Intensification and development is for the ‘greater good’ !  ”  This is the link if you care to read a bit of buffoonery in full:

The author of these piece states that you can control your property but have no say in what the person beside you does or does not do.  This author has obviously never heard of zoning! and probably has no idea why we have a municipal by-laws department or building codes.

Here is the official response from the Glenway Preservation Association Chair, Ron Kassies:

Glenway development not necessary

Re: We must make best of development, editorial, Oct. 4.
The Glenway Preservation Association represents our neighbourhood in the protection of our open greenspace.
According to the town and  region, there is no “need” for any Glenway development to meet provincial infrastructure targets.
Newmarket has sufficient lands set aside in its 2006 official plan for the next several decades.
According to the town and the region, this target is on track.
In addition, a secondary growth plan is moving forward to help support provincially driven intensification required to support transit and water/sewage infrastructure projects all the way to 2051.
We feel compelled to point out the town has spent considerable taxpayer dollars developing an official plan that not only supports provincially driven intensification, it supports best planning practices and represents the values Newmarket wants to convey to current and future residents and business.
In fact, any proposed development of Glenway is unplanned infill development and not in accordance to the town’s official plan.

Unplanned development is the curse of towns and we don’t want urban sprawl similar to some of the larger cities around the GTA.
What we all want is planned development that doesn’t put strain on our infrastructure or pocketbook, doesn’t have hidden costs or any obligation related to infill development and doesn’t rip apart established quality of life.
The Glenway Preservation Association strongly suggests you check your facts in the future regarding the Glenway community and how planned development versus unplanned development can benefit our town.
Taxpaying residents, through our elected government and the official plan, decide on the healthy growth of Newmarket, not profit-driven land developers.
Ron Kassies
Glenway Preservation Association chairperson

and the link:  http://www.yorkregion.com/opinion/letters/article/1521737–glenway-development-not-necessary
Whether you are a home owner or developer, no one wants this kind of mixing within a quiet residential neighbourhood. Thank goodness for municipal zoning that prevents such a bad mix: a drive thru operating late hours and residential family housing!
no developer would want a KFC drivethru opening next door