Developer Didn’t Listen

April 26, 2012 at 7:05 pm
by Teresa Latchford published on April 26, 2012 on

That plan proposed 710 homes, including 162 single detached units, 194 town homes, 66 bungalow condominiums and 288 condo apartments  in two 15-storey buildings on the site of the former golf course. A 6,000-square-foot clubhouse and banquet hall was also in the plans, as was a smaller golf course.

Glenway resident James McLarnon doesn’t feel the developer has listened to the residents.

“Lip service indeed,” he said of the public input meetings hosted by the developer. “There are no surprises here, as this has been the modus operandi of the developer since the get go.”

He claims the meetings have been a front to make residents feel they have been involved in the process, but has the feeling the developer will continue to push for what it wants regardless of the concerns expressed by the public…

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Interested in Volunteering

April 22, 2012 at 6:59 pm

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April 20, 2012 – Update Highlights

April 20, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Town of Newmarket Focus Groups

The Town of Newmarket will be running focus groups beginning in April 2012, to provide community input on both the discussion regarding height restrictions and a secondary plan which is a supplement to the Town’s current Official Plan. This will help the Town create a more defined vision for what Newmarket should look like in the future.Various GPA members as well as members of the Executive Team will be participating to ensure the Glenway community’s needs are represented.



GPA has been legally incorporated to ensure appropriate governance and accountability, as well as providing the executive members with rights and responsibilities in the delivery of their roles and obligations to the Association and the community.


Application Update

The application for the development of Glenway was received by the Town on Friday, April 20th, 2012.  The Town has 30 days to determine if the application is complete, at which point they will send official notice to residents within 15 days.  Chris Emanuel will be setting up a dedicated Town webpage with additional documentation pertaining to this application in the near future.


Outside Expert Advice

The Executive Team is meeting with other community groups who have experienced similar challenges in the past, to better understand the process and their experience. Based on the learning’s from these meetings and other research being conducted by the GPA, the Executive will develop a plan to ensure that we receive appropriate guidance and counsel as we move forward.

Our task is a considerable one, and will require funds to ensure that we are well-equipped to achieve our mission of preserving Glenway. Plans for fundraising activities will commence in the near future.


Town Interaction

The Executive team is continuing its biweekly communication with the Town ensuring to address pressing issues as they arise:

  • Review of Developer Pre-Consultation Meeting with Town:
  • Representatives from Kerbel Group indicated that the application to be submitted will be exactly as presented at the open house on June 18th, 2011
  • A number of studies will be conducted in order to be submitted and reviewed with the official application (Noise, Traffic, Tree Survey, etc)
  • The Town may request additional studies to be conducted once the application has been submitted
  • Town hiring planning consultation firm to address the Glenway file
  • Ensuring the consulting firm was present at pre-consultation meeting


Related Development Sites

McGreggor Farm

Developer is proposing a 200 home and 2.5 acre park community at the south-east corner of Bathurst and Davis, with lot sizes approximately 40ft wide. A proposed road will travel through the new subdivision, coming in from Davis (about 3/4’s down the east side of the property) and coming out on Sykes near Bathurst. Developer’s studies indicate not much traffic will flow through the existing subdivision. The GPA will be seeking opportunities to review the studies/plans related to this property as it also affects the Glenway subdivision directly.


Slessor Square (17645 Yonge)

The proposed development application for the former Slessor Motors site is a multi-phased infill development. Phase One will include a 7-storey Retirement Residence & Special Needs Centre with 214 suites; Phase Two a 26-storey residential tower with 184 apartment units and commercial/medical centre/retail uses within the bottom 3 storeys; Phase Three a 23-storey residential tower with 155 apartment units also with 3 storeys of commercial retail/pharmacy uses; Phase Four another 7-storey Retirement Residence with 212 units. For more information you can visit or



The Environmental and Communication committees are looking for volunteers. If you are interested please contact either committee via email.