A future taxpayer has this to say about development of Glenway

May 2, 2014 at 11:09 am


My name is Erin Kurtz and I live in the Town of Newmarket, in the subdivision Glenway. Our golf course, that majority of us in this subdivision back on to, was bought by developers a few years ago. Of course, they have proposed the development of part of our wonderful green space. This is devastating to the residents of Glenway, some of us who have lived here for many years and love our green space and not having houses in our backyard. This is one of the things that makes our subdivision unique and beautiful.

We stand united – we do not want houses built on our golf course. This also goes against the Town of Newmarket’s plan – this space was never meant to be houses. Newmarket has grown so rapidly over the past few years – fields everywhere are turning into houses. I hardly think that building these houses on our green space are essential to the Town’s growth. And they agree. The Town has stood by us and is also against the development of our golf course. However, the Town was easily overruled in Phase 1 by the OMB. This obviously comes as a huge disappointment to us all. We are appalled that the OMB can so easily overrule our town. This has a big impact on our community, and for someone who is so detached from this area to be able to make a decision on whether or not houses are built literally in OUR backyards is hardly right. This has the biggest impact on the residents of our neighbourhood and our town and we get the least say.

Now, as I understand, there has been a bill proposed – Bill 141 – that would prevent the development of Glenway. It’s purpose is to require more principled, evidence-based and strategic long-term planning of infrastructure. It also supports protection of the environment. I hear that it has passed second reading.

I am asking you for the sake of our neighbourhood to seriously consider passing this bill. Put yourself in our shoes and I’m sure you would feel the same way. It is not fair for our community and others like ours to fall at the mercy of the OMB for something as important to us as this. It would greatly restore our faith in the Ontario government that they DO care about our individual communities and have the capability to look deeper than Ontario as a whole.

I am 15 years old – I have a lot of voting years ahead of me. I would like to think that I can count on the provincial government for something as important as this. I believe that this bill would greatly impact each individual community for the better and would help to make Ontario as a whole a better place. So, once again, I am asking you to seriously consider this bill. It would mean the world to us and for other communities who have also faced developers. Please don’t let them ruin our neighbourhood – my home.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

<Editors note – Erin is referencing Bill 41, Preserving Existing Communities Act, 2013>

OMB supports development to move ahead – Phase 2 to determine to what this means

March 30, 2014 at 8:50 pm

To our fellow residents of Glenway:

As you are all now doubtless aware, this week ended on a very bad note for all of us when the adjudicator of the OMB Phase 1 Hearing ruled outright that development could take place in our neighbourhood, and, to add insult to injury, remarked that there should never have been any doubt about that.  To paraphrase her words, she stated that the Planning Act and the Growth Act already contemplated single developer applications which might alter a municipality’s Official Plan and allow them to add to intensification and alter any growth plan already underway.  She essentially chose to put this premise above the other text found in the various legislations which speak to the control of the growth plan falling to the municipality, and the decision of a municipality to locate growth where it chooses, and to equally choose where NOT to grow.

The adjudicator essentially blamed the Town for not acting on these lands much earlier  She specifically targeted Staff for not pro-actively assessing some key elements of the growth plan and refusal to determine the potential for these lands in the context of the Growth Plan.  In the adjudicator’s mind, the fact that Newmarket has been working towards its intensification plan (proposed, not actual development applications that easily exceed targeted growth) she took the approach that they were ‘out of compliance’ and as such, required to entertain these development applications.  So in essence, we are all being bulldozed by a process that clearly favours development and intensification over all.

So now that we are left with the cold reality that our Open Space will now be developed, where does that leave us as we move towards Phase 2?  At this point, we are not certain, but we plan on attending the Committee of the Whole meeting on this coming Monday to engage the Town Council in what next steps could be involved.  Throughout this process we appreciate the Town standing with us on this issue, and we look forward to the same collaboration moving into Phase 2.

The GPA executive will also be reconvening to further discuss what our options might be.  As we formulate our next steps we are open to your suggestions and ideas, as we are working for you.

Phase 2 will begin either the week of April 15 or the week of April 21 (after Easter Monday).  This will be confirmed soon.

Some initial actions we have already taken include the following:

  1. We have ceased our engagement with our lawyer and planner (for obvious reasons).  This means that we need to sort out with the Town how we remain a ‘Party’ to Phase 2, without having a lawyer speaking for us during the proceedings.
  2. We need to ensure that any ideas or wishes we might have with respect to mitigating some of the current development proposal, are championed by the Town on our behalf.  At this point, we are not certain how that will work.

Suggested actions to residents:

  1. We encourage people to get involved with the secondary growth plan process now underway, and the public meeting coming up.  We have learned that we can’t sit back and expect our Town planning staff and elected officials to protect our interests—we need to have a voice and influence at the early stages.
  2. Please continue to let the elected officials know that we expect the Town to be assertive on Phase 2 (not just throw in the towel).  Send them emails, letters and phone calls detailing your specific issues.

While we reflect on our next steps, we would also like to share in the deep disappointment we all feel for being swept aside to the curb as we were last week.  The look of our neighbourhood will never be the same. 

We only hope that what made this community so strong in the first place, you our neighbours – will remain to keep it so!

Reminder to any resident wishing to attend OMB Hearing that begins March 17th

March 13, 2014 at 10:35 am

The OMB Hearing is now upon us.  Starting on Monday (March 17) we will be engaged beginning with our Principle of Development argument against Marianneville Developments to protect our community from unnecessary development.

We are ready and our arguments are strong

If you wish to attend any part of the Hearing, you are welcome to.  As the Town’s solicitor noted, this is the equivalent of a court case with full legal decorum required in the room, so please note that we’ll all have to be on our best behaviour.

 Visit our Events for details:  http://preserveglenway.ca/?ai1ec_event=omb-hearing-on-glenway-starts&instance_id=

We will update you as soon as any key events occur.

OMB will listen to debate on whether there needs to be any development!

December 13, 2013 at 7:58 pm

We met our objective for the OMB Hearing now pushed back to March 17, 2014.   OMB adjudicator, Mr. Chee-Hing ruled that the he will break the overall hearing into two distinct parts. 

The first part being the “the principle of development” arguement brought forth by the Glenway Preservation Association that was confirmed by a 9-0 vote by local Town Council on October 25th.

The second part is the technical issues around the development proposal which was rejected as well by the Town of Newmarket following the Town’s planning report sighting an abundance of technical issues with both the original proposal and settlement offers.

We will be spending the next several months preparing our case against this non-conforming and unnecessaryinconsistent development application proposal.  Development for the sake of development is a poor reason for unplanned housing.  There is still no answer from the developer to the very simple queston of WHY?



For more on the happenings at the pre-hearing please read:

Gordon Prentice’s eloquant writings – http://shrinkslessorsquare.ca/blog/130-glenway-and-the-omb

Chris Emaunel’s blog – http://chrisemanuel.com/blog/2013/12/11/december-10th-omb-hearing-update.html

The Whole 9 Yards Congratulations Newmarket! Congratulations Town Council!

November 26, 2013 at 9:43 am

9 of 9 Voted at last nights council meeting to take the fight to the OMB. They unanimously passed Councillor Chris Emanuel’s motion to contest the application on the principal that it does not fit in with the official plan and in fact strongly disrupts it.

Thank you to all the Councillors who spoke out for Newmarket including regional councillor Jonathan Taylor, Jane Twinney, a long time supporter, Dave Kerwin, Mayor Tony Van Bynen and all the council.

Thank you to the 600 or so residents who attended and to all those who spoke, emailed, etc….

Congratulations NEWMARKET


The most important meeting you will ever attend – Monday 7pm Newmarket Theatre

November 24, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Reminder:  Town Council Vote – Glenway Application

This is the time to voice your concerns to the Town’s Planning department and support our opposition to the application to re-develop Glenway!

We have seen many well written passionate letters (even subsequent follow-ups based on changing information which is excellent).  You have made a difference!  Continue to be that difference!

  • Bring yourself and your neighbours!  We had over 600 strong last time.
  • Bring your signed letter of concerns!  – or email it to clerks@newmarket.ca

Remember you can have up to 5 minutes to read/present your specific concerns.  Read your letter!

Date:       MONDAY NOVEMBER 25, 2013

Location:  Newmarket Theatre (505 Pickering Cres) adjacent to Newmarket High School

Time:       7:00PM

Your attendance is a strong message.      Bring your neighbours!

Gingerbread House Gala – Awesome Evening!

November 24, 2013 at 3:56 pm

Thank you for your Support of the GPA Golf Tournament

October 24, 2013 at 10:03 am

Thanks golf tourneyWe had a successful community Golf Tournament on September 28th at Carrying Place Golf Club. 

The weather was amazing!  The food was yummmmy!  The prizes were fabulous (even I won something) and the golfers had a excellent time!  

All of this was in part due to our excellent group of Sponsors.

 We take this opportunity to say thank you for your generous support!

Important Update, New Dates,Town Council, OMB

October 3, 2013 at 5:36 pm

Newmarket Town Planning staff released their report today with recommendations to reject the proposed development.

Here is a link to Chris Emanuel’s blog with details:  http://chrisemanuel.com/blog/2013/10/3/newmarket-issues-planning-report-recommends-to-deny-original.html


and a link to the complete report   http://chrisemanuel.com/storage/NOV25PLANNINGREPORT.pdf


Key Dates:

From C. Emanuel’s website:  ”  The ultimate vote on council to support, reject or amend the recommendations from our planners will take place on November 25th, 2013 at the Newmarket Theatre at 7pm.

However, we have added an extra meeting for Council, residents, or interested parties to seek clarity on details on Tuesday October 15th at 7pm – This meeting will be taking place at the Crossland Church @ 47 Millard Avenue W.   “……

”  the next scheduled OMB pre-hearing date is December 10th 2013 with a full hearing scheduled for March 3rd with an 8 week block set aside.  ”

Now, more than ever, is a good time to act.  Write your Councillor, Mayor, MPP, Minister, and even MP and be heard!

Have a say in your community!

Hon Linda Jeffrey – Contact Information    ljeffrey.mpp@liberal.ola.org
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
17th Floor
777 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2E5

Frank Klees MPP     fklees@frank-klees.on.ca

Newmarket-Aurora Hunters Gate
14845 Yonge St Suite 201
Aurora ON L4G 6H8
Tel: 905-750-0019
Fax: 905-750-0050


A big, resounding “good work” to all those attending the OMB hearing today – August 7th

August 7, 2013 at 5:39 pm

It was heartwarming to find out that the meeting this morning had to be moved because so many attended.  Way to go Newmarket!

Here is a link to our councillor; Chris Emanuel’s update on the meeting today:

update on OMB

We are now very much engaged in this battle for our community and we are looking for everyone to get behind your GPA and show your support.  Attend meetings, write your councillors, mayor and every councillor in the town, your MPP and your Premier!  Donate to the cause what you can – we need legal help!   Post a lawn sign – volunteer – like our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/PreserveGlenway  and comment –

Lets make it happen –


Mayor Tony Van Bynen – mayor@newmarket.ca

Regional Councillor John Taylor – jtaylor@newmarket.ca

Councillor Tom Vegh – tvegh@newmarket.ca

Councillor Dave Kerwin – dkerwin@newmarket.ca

Councillor Jane Twinney – jtwinney@newmarket.ca

Councillor Tom Hempen – thempen@newmarket.ca

Councillor Joe Sponga – jsponga@newmarket.ca

Councillor Maddie DiMuccio – mdimuccio@newmarket.ca

Councillor Chris Emanuel – cemanuel@newmarket.ca

Clerks Department – clerks@newmarket.ca

MPP – Frank Klees  fklees@frank-klees.on.ca

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing,   Linda Jeffrey   – ljeffrey.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org